• surprisly

    cute | curated | conscious

    Adorable clothing chosen with love, because
    babies deserve the best.

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  • surprisly

    cute | curated | conscious

    Shopping for quality takes time. We’ve done the work
    for you, curating boutique brands at below-retail costs.

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  • surprisly

    cute | curated | conscious

    Exclusively cotton or organic clothing. Soft,
    comfortable, natural fabrics perfect for delicate skin.

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A monthly surprise delivered to your doorstep.
3 outfits ideal for your baby’s playtime, day out and snooze.

Why Surprisly?

  • surprisly - our clothing

    Our Clothing

    Based near Los Angeles, CA, we have access to the global hub of the latest brands and resources to dress your baby in style. Each garment chosen is beautifully constructed, made from soft natural fabrics for your baby’s comfort, and incredibly cute.

  • surprisly - our deal

    Our Deal

    By working closely with elite designers and brands, we bring you unique and quality clothes at below retail cost. Our clothing is not what you’ll find at a typical big box store, nor is the price.

  • surprisly - our values

    Our Values

    “What’s best for babies and the world they will grow up in?” This question is at the heart of everything we do at Surprisly: from choosing only natural fabrics, to using 100% recycled packaging, and donating clothing to children in need through every sale made.

How It Works?


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your custom surprisly
box at your doorstep
every month

Build Memories

with new size-appropriate
clothing as your baby

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Customer Reviews

  • This is my favorite subscription yet! I couldn't wait for my box to arrive and boy did it not let me down! I recommend this to everyone with little ones! It's so easy to let them do all the work in finding cute outfits for my little girl!

    ~ Kellie

  • I love these boxes! I have used Surprisly for baby gifts and they have been an absolute hit! The clothing items and even the packaging make for a perfect baby gift. The outfits they send are cute, stylish and one of a kind.

    ~ Samantha

  • I just got my last box from a 6 month subscription and I loved each one. I was introduced to a number of brands that I can rely on as my baby is now older.

    ~ Mary

  • I love this concept! And the company has been incredibly thorough in finding the highest quality and cutest clothing, so I know I can trust them to send really amazing boxes each month. :)

    ~ Pippa

Sample of our brands

Our boxes represent brands from across the globe with a goal to provide cute and functional baby clothing. We are always on the lookout for new brands to add to our portfolio.

About Us

Surprisly is a baby outfit subscription company founded by parents based out of Southern California. When our son was 3 months old we discovered he had eczema which made him itch uncontrollably. We did everything to improve his discomfort and over a period of time successfully managed his condition with minimal use of prescription medication. Our experience during this phase resulted in the idea of Surprisly ...

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